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Generally speaking, Miley liked being anonymous when she wasn't dressed up as Hannah. People were usually pretty nice to her,  she didn't get badgered about autographs... it was a good system.

Other times? She felt like being a bit more noticed. Like at the airport.

Of course, Hannah Montana wasn't a real person, so she couldn't very well buy her a plane ticket. However, Miley could saunter on in with a pink glittery carry-on, get through security and everything requiring photo identification, and breeze into the ladies' room near the gate to change. And then if Hannah Montana happened to emerge, well, it wasn't like there were cameras in here, right?

Ooh. Miley squinted up to check. Well, if there were, she couldn't see any.

With that, she made her way back out into the terminal, and was promptly accosted by some little girls asking her to sign their backpacks. Which she did, gladly, before boarding the plane and flopping into her first-class seat for a tremendously comfortable next six hours.

Ah, it was good to be (almost) home.

[[And today we learn exactly how OCD I am. Yes, I looked up a real flight number. Don't you judge me. NFB/NFI.]]


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