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With the exception of one (disappointingly muddy) class, today Miley was having a typical afternoon, with nice weather and not a lot going on. So she was entertaining herself with reading Hannah Montana concert reviews -- a usual favorite pastime of hers, since they were only ever overwhelmingly positive -- when suddenly her zPhone buzzed with a text from Lilly. But before she could read it, her phone was ringing -- Lilly again -- so she just answered it.

"Hey, Lil, what's up?"

What she was met with was possibly the most piercing shriek of all time. But a happy one. Like some really prolonged squeeing. Miley briefly entertained the possibility that Lilly had found that one really nice review from the kid in Arkansas, then dismissed the possibility as she realized what it had to be.

"Is it--?"

"Standford admissions letters!" Lilly shrieked.

Miley's eyes went huge. "Hang on," she said, and dashed with really impressive speed down the stairs to the mailbox, where she extracted -- a bright manila envelope with Standford's insignia on it. Pressing it to her chest, she raced back up the stairs, squeeing at the top of her lungs all the way there.

"Okay," she panted into the phone as she grabbed it back up off the desk. "Open them on three. Ready? One -- two --"

And then she tore into the envelope, creating a complete mess of paper on the desk and floor. Oh god, this was going to be so amazing and she was going to be going to Standford University next year and she'd be back in California and with Lilly and everything was going to be awesome and --

-- unable to offer you a seat in the Standford University freshman class for the 2012-2013 school year.

"Oh," she said. "I didn't get in."

And really, you had to understand, she was a girl who'd gotten everything she'd wanted for forever, and this was the one school that she'd applied to, and her SAT scores were amazing and she had great grades and and and --

"I did," Lilly said quietly.

Miley swallowed. No, no, this was unacceptable. "There has to be some kind of mistake," she said, modulating her tone carefully. "Congratulations. I have to go."

[[door and post open, la]]


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