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After hearing Juliet's amazing advice yesterday, Miley had immediately taken off for Paldo Aldo. Unfortunately, portals being what they were, it wasn't until today that she sat, fresh from a three-hour stop somewhere called Candy Mountain, in the admission woman's office. Again. She had a brilliant excuse at the ready, and this time she really thought she was going to get somewhere.

"Hannah Montana's assistant?" the admissions woman repeated, looking... actually kind of excited. She was smiling and gesturing and everything. "That sounds fascinating! Why didn't you put that in your application?"

Miley sat primly, her arms folded on her lap. "Miss Montana likes me to keep it very low-profile," she explained. "She's very classy, and--" she batted her eyelashes -- "even prettier in person."

Oh, come on, like you wouldn't have done it.

"I must say, this could change everything," the woman mused.

"Yes!" Miley whispered, pumping her fist in the air. Then she spotted the plate of food on the table and pointed to it. "Ooh, are you gonna finish that sandwich? I've been in port-- I mean, the car -- all day."

Nice save, Miles. Really.

"Go ahead," the woman offered generously, and Miley swiped it up with only a garbled 'thank you' around a mouthful of tuna salad.

"Now," said the admissions officer thoughtfully, "we're just going to need some proof of employment."


Miley's giant mouthful of sandwich very nearly ended up all over the table. "Some what?" she managed, accepting the napkin the woman offered her and barely managing not to make a very undignified mess everywhere.

"Some -- pay stubs, tax records, just something I can submit to the board," she clarified.

Tuna. Tuna everywhere.

"Miss Montana pays in cash," Miley said pointedly with a very visible mouthful of sandwich, looking about as unclassy as it was possible for a human being to be.

And that would be another napkin being passed her way. "Is proving this going to be a problem?" asked Standford Lady.

Miley delicately held the napkin under her chin... and spat out the rest of her sandwich.

"Of course not," she said, aiming for prim and dignified. She... didn't quite make it.

[[nfb/nfi, and once again from hannah montana 4x09, "i'll always remember you."]]


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