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With eight hours to go until her flight, Miley was kind of in a mad rush to get everything packed in time. Because everything meant everything, and for some ridiculous reason, when she'd shown up on this island last July she'd sort of brought a ton of stuff.

Not all of it was going with her, probably -- there were some outfits she had no idea why she'd ever bought and had no intention of bringing back home with her -- but a lot of it was, and most of it wasn't going to fit in her sparkly pink luggage. Which meant that there were moving boxes everywhere, and Miley was frantically attacking them with moving tape in the hopes that they would just close already.

Plus her phone was ringing off the hook with calls from Vida and Lilly and Jackson and her father, all wondering when she was supposed to get in, not to mention agents of various talk show hosts who wanted to schedule appearances with her, and of course Steven Spielberg, who wanted to know when she was getting to the set next week, and and and--

So yeah, Miley was a wee bit stressed right now. She was flying around the room, jamming things into boxes with her phone tucked between her ear and her shoulder, explaining, "Yes, Vida, I know about the signing in Paris, I remember and I'm totally gonna be there on Satur-- no, yeah, I meant Thursday, that's totally what I meant, I'll be there Thursday, no okay I gotta go bye!"

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