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It was funny, Miley thought, as she quietly paged through her closet in search of just the right outfit to wear on The Tonight Show later today. So many of her Hannah outfits were tied to old memories in some way. Like the pink top she wore to her first wig-fitting ever, at the age of twelve. Or the blue pleather jacket she'd worn to sing with the Jonas Brothers, or the tiny striped tank top she'd worn when she'd done that concert where she'd invited Uncle Earl to sing up on stage. She looked for a long time before she found just the right outfit to pair with her wig for later, one that wouldn't be writing over any old memories in case this went badly.

One that went just as well with brown hair as it did with blonde. )

[[nfb/nfi, and taken from hannah montana 4x09, "i'll always remember you." aaaand done, finally!]]
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So lately, Miley had been... a little grouchy. Or, well, very grouchy. Something about getting rejected from her top-choice university just because she had a secret identity that made it a little difficult to do things like after-school clubs and community service.

Regardless, though, there was always one thing that made her feel better when she was grouchy, and that thing was shopping.

So here she was, sunglasses on and Hannah Montana-worthy designer clothes in shopping bags in each hand, and she turned to Juliet. "Best idea ever," she declared. "I mean, come on. It's impossible to dwell on you-know-what when I have new shoes this cute."

[[for one, and NFB for distance!]]


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